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Events for 2022.

During the Spring of 2022 we will be attending the following events.

Further information for most can be found on the website of either the Alpine Garden Society (AGS) or The Scottish Rock Garden Club(SRGC).

We can deliver plants ordered from our catalogue to the shows, subject to their remaining available. Orders made a week or more before the desired Show are appreciated to give us time to assemble the plants before travel.

Please use the Spring 2022 catalogue to place orders

Saturday February 19 AGS South Wales Show

Saturday, February 26 AGS Pershore Show

Saturday, March 12 AGS Loughborough Show

Saturday, March 19 AGS Harlow Early Spring Show

Saturday, March 26 AGS/SRGC Hexham Show

Saturday, April 2 AGS North Midland Show

Saturday, April 16 SRGC Perth Show

Saturday, May 7 AGS East Lancashire Show

Saturday, May 14 AGS East Anglia Show CANCELLED

Saturday, May 21 AGS Harlow Carr Show at RHS Garden Harlow Carr

Saturday, June 4 AGS East Cheshire Show

Sunday, July 3 'Alpines for All' AGS Event at Ness Botanic Gardens

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